Loving Every Stride Podcast

Loving Every Stride At Every Size

May 04, 2022 Paul Laslett and Marie Droniou -Bordry
Loving Every Stride Podcast
Loving Every Stride At Every Size
Show Notes

In this new episode of Loving Every Stride, Host Marie Droniou-Bordry speaks to Kym Crosswell, ultrarunner, who started to run because she was told she could not!

Kym has recently featured in Women's Running magazine (link in the show notes), in an article dedicated to the  diversity and inclusivity of the running community and the number of barriers still to overcome in those areas.

She tells us about the difficulties she has come across in her running journey, the number of times she has been judged because of how she looks, how people body shaming her has made her even more determined to cross the finish lines of the numerous incredible challenges she has raised to and most importantly, the joy running brings into her life.

Tune in to be inspired by a passionate fellow runner!


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